The Campaign to Accelerate the Frogans Project is open to all - individuals, companies and corporate foundations. To participate:

The OP3FT thanks you in advance for your support of the Frogans project. Subject to your agreement, your name will be added to the list of donors.

Tax Credit (applicable in France): Private individuals who are French residents can deduct 66% of their donation from their income tax, up to 20% of their taxable income. Companies subject to corporate tax in France can deduct 60% of their donation from their corporate tax, up to 0.5% of sales. In both cases, if the deduction exceeds the maximum amount, the surplus can be carried forward over the 5 years following the donation. Upon receiving your donation, the OP3FT will send you with a tax receipt.

The Campaign to Accelerate the Frogans Project, for a new open standard for the Internet, available to all, free of charge

The purpose of the Frogans project, carried out by the OP3FT, a non-profit organization acting in the public interest, is to introduce on the Internet, an area for creativity which is innovative, simple and secure.

This project now requires additional financial resources to match its rapid expansion. By making a donation to participate in the campaign to accelerate the Frogans Project, you are spurring the growth of a new ecosystem and fostering employment, innovation and economic development.

The Frogans project, or the quest for a fresh approach to publishing content on the Internet

Background to the Frogans project

Over its 60 years of existence, the Internet has significantly improved our lives. Its applications, notably E-mail and more recently the Web, have enabled faster and better communications on a planetary scale. While these innovations have led to new opportunities in terms of uses and services, certain shortcomings remain:

Faced with this situation rich in both opportunities and challenges, now more than ever individuals and organizations need an Internet which is secure, stable, neutral, and open to innovation, in order to develop their activities and achieve their goals.

The Frogans technology

These considerations drove the OP3FT (Organization for the Promotion, Protection and Progress of the Frogans Technology) to work on developing a new software layer on the Internet, alongside E-mail and the Web: the Frogans layer. This new technology for publishing content is characterized by two distinctive traits:

The Frogans technology has been introduced to the main Internet standardization organizations (ICANN, W3C, IETF, etc.) during conferences and demonstrations. It has also been unveiled to the general public during Frogans Technology Conferences organized in Paris, France on a regular basis since 2014, as well as on the Web sites of the OP3FT (notably and and on social media.

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A project carried out by a non-profit organization acting in the public interest

The Frogans project is carried out by a non-profit organization, the OP3FT. This organization is a French fonds de dotation (endowment fund), whose purpose is to hold, promote and protect and ensure the progress of the Frogans technology, in the form of an open standard for the Internet, available to all, free of charge.

The OP3FT fulfills its mission while respecting the principles of openness, neutrality and transparency. Internally, a number of vigilance processes have been formalized to ensure that all the OP3FT's operations respect these principles.

The OP3FT's decisions are made by its Board of Directors, whose three members act in a personal and voluntary capacity:


Amaury Grimbert, President of the OP3FT's Board of Directors

Amaury Grimbert, aged 48, is one of the two inventors of the Frogans technology. Since the start of the project, his focus has been on making sure that the Frogans technology remains easy to use, particularly for end users.

Amaury started his professional career in 1994 with the Accor Group, where he held a number of positions in the Training and Communications Departments. In 1996, he started working for the City Hall of Paris, reporting to the Deputy Mayor in charge of International Relations.

Amaury is currently Deputy CEO of STG Interactive S.A. which he co-founded in 1999.

E-mail address: amaury (dot) grimbert (at) op3ft (dot) org


Alexis Tamas, Member of the OP3FT's Board of Directors

Alexis Tamas, aged 47, is one of the two inventors of the Frogans technology. Since the start of the project, he has coordinated the development of the Frogans technology, with a constant focus on ensuring user security.

An engineer by training (Télécom ParisTech), he started his professional career in 1993 by setting up a company specialized in new technologies. This led him to working with clients such as Orange (France Telecom), Philips, Thomson, Renault, Euronext and the European Commission.

Alexis is currently CEO of STG Interactive S.A. which he co-founded in 1999. He also gives lectures at the CELSA, the Faculty for Advanced Studies in Computer Science and Communications, tied to the University of Paris-Sorbonne.

E-mail address: alexis (dot) tamas (at) op3ft (dot) org


Alain Martel, Member of the OP3FT's Board of Directors

Alain Martel, aged 57, contributes to the Frogans project through his expertise and experience of corporate governance.

Alain started his professional career in 1987 as Training and Personnel Director with the Groupe E&B. He then joined MATIF SA as Head of the MATIF Training Division, before moving to the Paris stock exchange operator, where he worked as Senior Marketing Manager up to 2001. From 2001 to 2008, Alain was Head of Issuer Relationships for Euronext NV - NYSE Euronext. In 2008, he joined IFA (the French Institute of Directors) whose goal is to provide information, training and expertise in order to help top-level managers meet their governance obligations.

Alain was formerly Secretary General of IFA.

E-mail address: alain (dot) martel (at) op3ft (dot) org

The OP3FT's directors undertake to always act in a fully independent and neutral manner with respect to special interests, including those of legal entities in which they might hold a position.

The Frogans project needs you!

A project in full swing

These last few months have seen a number of significant developments, in particular:

The guaranteed financing of the Frogans project and the call for donations

Frogans addresses, used to access Frogans sites, are one of the essential elements of the Frogans technology. These addresses are stored in a registry called the FCR (Frogans Core Registry). This registry, owned by the OP3FT, is operated by a commercial company (the FCR Operator) under an agreement called the Delegation Agreement. In exchange for the right to the technical and commercial operation of the FCR, the Operator pays the OP3FT royalties representing a minimum amount of €1.8 million per year. The Delegation Agreement provides that the amount of the royalties increases as the number of registered Frogans addresses increases.

The commercial operation of the FCR has started but has not yet led to this increase. This explains why the current level of financing of the OP3FT is at the minimum annual amount provided for in the Delegation Agreement. Given however the rapid development of the Frogans project worldwide, this level of financing falls short of the real requirements of the project.

This shortfall will be made up for by the increase in the number of registrations of Frogans addresses over the coming years. In other words, the OP3FT is currently in a transitional phase, marked by a temporary need for additional funding. In this specific regard however, the OP3FT Bylaws requires that any such additional financial resources must necessarily stem from public generosity, so as to guarantee the neutrality and independence of the OP3FT.

This is why, as authorized by an arrêté préfectoral (prefectorial order), the OP3FT is now calling on your generosity for the purpose of raising funds to accelerate the Frogans project.

How you can help accelerate the Frogans project to support employment, innovation and economic development

Reasons to donate

By making a donation to participate in the campaign to accelerate the Frogans Project, you are supporting the concrete actions of the OP3FT in favor of an ecosystem encouraging employment, innovation and economic development.

Thanks to you:

By making a donation, you are contributing to the permanent objectives of the Frogans project, including, in particular, the creation of an ecosystem favorable to innovation. In this way, your donation will help numerous players in the real economy and thus foster employment and economic activity.

Concretely, your donation will go to increasing the OP3FT's resources and help it accomplish its public-interest mission in a number of ways:

Different forms of donations

The OP3FT can receive lifetime gifts stemming from public generosity.

Lifetime gifts made may be:

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